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JTDX v.17.8 with JT10

SOFTWARE Posted on Sat, May 20, 2017 23:04:29

New version JTDX v.17.8 with JT10 is avalaible now .
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JTDX v.17.0.1 Great software to encode and decode the signals JT65 + JT9 + WSPR-2

SOFTWARE Posted on Sun, November 13, 2016 17:15:04

The recent relaise, JTDX v.17.0.1, is really fantastic: all you need to dx’er. The software is simple to install, easy to configure. It works directly with the CAT (no other programs such as HRD) or Omnirig etc.). It’s modified WSJT-X v. 1.7, software based on WSJT-x r6462. JTDX supports JT9 and IT65A digital mods for HF amateur (DX). Thanks UA3DJY for development this product very useful.


SOFTWARE Posted on Wed, November 02, 2016 19:14:24

DXLab is a suite of eight interoperating applications completely free.
They can be installed independently.

– 1) COMMANDER : Transceiver control wiwith bandspread controls up to 4 Alinco, DZKit, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Hilberling, Icom, JRC, Kachina, Kenwood, TenTec, Yaesu transceivers, with frequency and mode tracking by an independent transceiver, receiver, SDR-based panadaptor, or skimmer

– 2) DXVIEW: display DXCC informations

– 3) DXKEEPER: record and manage QSOS

– 4) LAUNCHER: display the versions and status of all applications DXLab

– 5) PATHFINDER: QSL informations

– 6) PROPVIEW: prediction, solar flux, propagation

– 7) SPOTCOLLECTOR: collect and aggregate spot fron Telnet, DxSummit and son on

– 8) WINWARBLER: digimods